Call for International sustainable artists

Ending poverty, inequality, injustice and climate change is at the heart of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). An established programme for the period 2015-2030 is signed by 193 member states. This ambition is concretized in 17 SDGs. This system of sustainable development goals also forms the basis for the activities and ambitions of Ecodorp Boekel.
Ecodorp Boekel is building thirty sustainable homes, six care homes, a community centre/knowledge and education centre, an Artist in Residence and two tree houses designed by artists, which can be rented out. A permaculture garden will provide food, a helophyte filter will provide natural water purification and solar energy will be provided. In the adjacent woodland, five works of art will be realised with a function for people or animals and built with sustainable materials. The Eco-organisation is built up from the concept of Holarchy, where the emphasis lies on self-organisation and the development of collective knowledge and creativity.
Today’s society faces a number of major challenges that need to be addressed on a global level. The changes in climate, CO2 emissions, promotion of alternative energy, recycling of products and raw materials, combating environmental pollution, solving poverty problems, alternative food production etc. etc.

All these areas of interest call for creative ideas and a joining of forces. It goes without saying that the art world, as the creative engine of our society, must play a role in this. Ecodorp Boekel has therefore explicitly chosen to establish a link with the creative world of visual artists and designers. To this end, the Ecodorp organisation has developed an Artist in Residence, a modest living and working space where artists, designers or scientists can stay temporarily to work on their plans to contribute to (one of) the 17 SDGs of the UN. The results of their stay will be made accessible to interested parties from all over the world via an open source system.

Parallel to the AiR, Ecodorp Boekel is developing a knowledge centre in which, on the one hand, all knowledge about sustainable building, living and life will be shared and, on the other, documentation will be collected on how artists and designers can contribute to its objectives. To this end, Ecodorp is maintaining contacts with other knowledge centres in the rest of the world, starting with the Indian Ecovillage Billamangal. The knowledge centre, the resident artists, the members of the Art Advisory Committee and the cultural institutions in Brabant are creating an international network of directly interested parties.
Due to the COVID-19 crisis the construction of Ecodorp Boekel has been seriously delayed. Therefore, until now, only a start could be made with the construction of the Artist in Residence.

How to apply:
Because Ecodorp Boekel is not yet able to host artists, Ecodorp Boekel is calling on artists to make a documentary film about their plan to contribute to one of the 17 SDGs.
The following conditions apply:
● The artist can be from any EU country.
● The artist is a professional visual artists and/or designers
● The artist has a clearly defined plan to contribute to one of the 17 UN SDGs.
● The project proposal will be assessed on the basis of artistic content, originality, expressiveness, possibility of practical implementation and the scope of the plan. Already existing projects or objects are not eligible for selection
● The project proposal needs to be accompanied by visual documentation.
● The proposal is also accompanied by a written explanation (max 2 A4) with a description of the nature of the project/object, required materials, plan of approach for implementation, budget and scope of the plan/object
● The Art Advisory Committee of Ecodorp Boekel will choose from the submitted proposals for publication.
● The artist will email a proposal to the Art Advisory Committee with the email address Include a link to your own website or preferred social media platform before 1 April 2022. Also mention the SDG you preferred in your proposal.
● Deadline proposals: 1 April 2022 to

Six artists will be selected and will proceed:
● This plan will be visualised in a short film of 5 minutes maximum, in such a way that it can be shown on the website of Ecodorp Boekel, and can be used for promotional purposes of the Ecodorp organisation. Pixel density 1920 x 1080.
● The film gives a clear view of the project/object and is provided with a short explanation about the method, material, dimensions, scope of the project/object
● The artist owns the copyright of the plan and agrees to make the plan public through the open source system/website of Ecodorp Boekel.
● Six selected artists will each receive a compensation of € 1.000 for the elaborated plan including any VAT, based on an invoice. €750 will be made available at the start of the implementation phase on 1 May 2022. The remainder of €250 will be made payable on the basis of an invoice after the video has been sent and approved by the Advisory Committee.
● The name and the web address of the artist and a short description of the plan will be mentioned on the website of Ecodorp Boekel
● Ecodorp Boekel makes an effort to bring the artist in contact with interested Art- and Culture institutes from its network.
● Deadline film: 1 September 2022 to Once the film has arrived and approved by the Art Advisory Committee, it will be published. So the first finished film will get publicity each time a new film is published.
● For further information please contact Frederique Rinkens, Leadlink of the Art circle of Ecodorp Boekel, mobile tel.: +31 6 2358 8850

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