“A little piece of heaven” wwoofers delen hun ervaring

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Ecodorp Boekel is a little piece of heaven surrounded by nature, in Noord-Brabant. There you will find this beautiful community of people building their eco-homes, caring for each other genuinely, and making the future a better place. From the 2nd to the 8th of July, I was fortunate to be part of it as a volunteer, helping with the building of the ecovillage.

From working with the limecrete (kalkhennep) wall elements to painting doors and dismantling pallets, the work hours go by quickly, especially when you have fun and understand that the most important element is the right attitude, openness and collaboration, trusting that together we can “figure it out”.

After the second day, I realised the whole experience will be like an onion, each day revealing another new reason to be there – not always related to the work itself, but to the people in the community. Just like a colony of ants, each of them works diligently, making their contribution and showing that – as simple as it sounds – we all have our role and strength and that everything is truly better when done together. As you peel off more layers of the onion, you discover the people individually and then you fall in love; come as a volunteer, leave as a friend! 

Besides the purposes of simply giving a hand, contributing and rediscovering human kinship, you’ll learn things that will really enrich you personally: a better understanding of sustainability and conscious living (the plan has 30 climate-adaptive homes, own food and energy supply, and ecological water purification); that being “too deep” is a gift (so stay truthful and embrace it); money isn’t the only way you can help and it should never be; and lastly – it’s a wonderful digital and modern life detox (the world is full of interests and overloaded with information, this is a great chance to detach completely and be natural, in and out). 

Important tip: Ask. For. Laura’s. Food. 

I will return for sure and I hope I have inspired you to think about joining as well.

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